Our models

 Model 840 PRO


A hydrostatic combo machine.

With the Alstor 840 Pro, we launch a new machine type based on the same

proven principles as our other machines. With its hydrostatic transmission, the 840 Pro extends the Alstor range including the 821 and 833 models with unrivalled efficiency in the forest.

Just like our other models, the machine is made from

Swedish High-s trength Steel and assembled with modern technologies.

The variable hydrostatic transmission ensures efficient and safe operation in all situations. With its differential locks applied, the machine can climb logs, boulders and other obstacles where others give up. With differential unlocked you will leave the ground untouched. The Alstor 840 Pro is a true combo machine where its bunk and head gate can be completely removed. Using a crane mounted harvester head, thinning and clearing productivity improves significantly. It is a highly flexible load carrier with numerous possibilities for customised adaptation and new challenges.


 Maximum load: 3,000 kg
Length: Standard 5.37 m/Long 5.77 m
Width: 1.57 m
Curb weight: 2,300 kg
Engine: 3-cylinder diesel, 25 hp
Electrical system: 12 V, 60 A generator
Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission with lockable differential
Front and rear, full-time 8-wheel drive. Variable high and low gears.

Brakes: Transmission service brake, mechanical disc brake for parking.

Steering: Orbitrol power steering, tilting steering column, Reverse drive and steering as standard.

Tyres: 25×12.5-10 8-ply
Travel speed: 0–18 km/h
Crane options: Std. Extension crane, 4.98 m reach/300 kg lifting capacity with fully revolving rotator. 

Model 810



The model with everything you need. Unparalleled accessibility and uncomplicated machine that offers all the help you need to really enjoy your work in the forest. Optional shovels, tipper bodies and snow ploughs transform it to an optional machine for active forest owners.

Technical data


Engine: Bensin 16/18 hk                      
Length: Short 4.87 m/ Standard 5.27 m/ Long  5.67 m
Width: 1.49 m
Curb weight: 1490 kg
Max load: 2000 kg

Driveline: Patented bogie design with oil bath submerged chains
Steering: Optional Orbitrol power steering, reverse drive & steering.
Tyres: 25x12 ,5 -10. 8 -ply
Speed: 0-25 km / h

Brakes: Mechanical 8 -wheel braking, hydraulic brakes as an option
Gearbox: Mechanical, 4 forward gears + reverse
Crane : 3.5 m reach, 350 kg lifting power at 3.5 m fully revolving rotator/ alternatively 3.8 m crane or extension crane.

Examples of options: Tipper body, insert buckets, snow plough, chains / steel tracks, reverse drive and steering (dual control), ,extension crane, removable bunks, hydraulic winch. For a complete list of accessories, please contact your dealer.

Model 821



A brand new Alstor -Completely redesigned for those who demand the best!


  • Increased traction
  • Heavy-duty bogie boxes in high quality steel
  • New design of trailer with improved ground clearance
  • Redesigned articulated centre with centre and protected drive shaft.
  • Improved operator environment
  • Increased maximum load 

Efforts to develop Alstor without sacrificing its strength: simplicity, flexibility and accessibility has now been realized.
We proudly present a brand new machine with the same superior traction and rugged and cost-effective design for the most discriminating users. With a modern production technology, we have created an Alstor for the future

Technical data


Maximum load: 2500 kg
Total length: Short 4.97 m Standard 5.37 m long , 5.77 m
Beam: 1.55 m
Kerb Weight: 1690 kg
Engine: 3 cyl diesel / 2 cyl petrol

Driveline: Variator drive, 3 forward gears + reverse. Constant 8- wheel drive, rugged design of bogie boxes in high-tensile steel and oil bath submerged chains
Brakes: Hydraulic 8-wheel braking and mechanical parking brake
Steering: Power steering Orbitol. Tilting steering wheel. Reverse drive and steering (optional)
25x12,5 -10. 8 -ply
Speed: 0-25 km / h
Crane: 3.5 m range. 350 kg lifting power at 3.5 m. Fully revolving rotator. Optionional 3,8 m crane or extension crane.
For more information on all the news on the 821 model and a complete list of accessories, please contact your dealer.

Model 833


Our cab model will give you an even greater comfortable experience. Following the success of the second Alstor generation, further development has resulted in a completely new cab which is more spacious with improved comfort and ergonomics.
More and more of our customers are full-time contractors
and demands for a more comfortable and better working environment
have increased. The cab is now offloaded from the chassis
via hydraulic dampers providing very good comfort with a low level
of noise and greatly reduced vibration. A completely flat floor, large
arched windows contribute to good visibility and an improved operator
environment. The cab meets ROPS/FOPS/OPS standards.
Turn on the powerful work lights, turn up the heat in the cab and
increase the volume of the radio and you will have the energy to
work a few more hours.

Please come into your closest local retail dealer for a test drive –
you will hear and feel the difference!

Technical data


Maximum load: 2500 kg
Total length: Short 4.97 m Standard 5.37 m long , 5.77 m
Beam: 1.55 m
Kerb Weight: 2,250 kg
Engine: 3-cylinder diesel 20.5 hp


Variator drive, 3-speed gearbox + reverse, full-time
8-wheel drive, rugged design of bogie boxes in high-tensile steel
and chains submerged in oil bath.

Brakes: Hydraulic 8-wheel braking plus mechanical parking brake.


Optional Orbitrol power steering, tiltable steering wheel,
reverse drive & steering.

Tires: 25x12 ,5 -10. 8 -ply
Speed: 0-25 km / h
Crane: 3.5 m range, fully revolving rotator/alternative 3.8 m crane

or extension crane 4.2 m (350 kg lift capacity at 4.2 m reach).

For more information on all the news in our 833 modell and complete list of options/accessories,  please contact your dealer.




To meet varying customer needs, the load carrier offers numerous different applications. Custom development of different load carriers has made Alstor highly popular with users from contractors, rescue services and energy companies to munciples services and forest owners. Alstor has a range of customer-made load concepts. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Technical data



ALSTOR 300 Harvester



Now you can make your Alstor 8x8 to a thinning harvester
Alstor new harvester load-concept can be applied at all Alstor models. Within seconds you can change your forwarders to aneffective thinning harvester. In this load- concept, we have fitted the well known and robust processor Hypro 300.

Hypro 300 have feed wheel motor in the bottom roller. The machine operates with three feed wheels which gives it considerable elevated feed force. The machine has load sensing valve , which offers smooth handling and the ability to flow control without using strypfunktioner .

With Alstor300 harvester, you can now use your machine to do the job in all types of thinning with dimensions up to 30 cm.

This machine gives you a good economy thanks to high efficiency and above all very low maintenance costs.

Technical data


Weight: 950kg
Feed speed: 3 m / sec
Tilt angle: 40 °
Pivotability: 220 °
Engine: 4 cyl diesel

Power engine: 49 hp
Pump: 35 cc
Flow: 90 L / min
Hydraulic pressure: 210 bar
Fuel tank: 30 L
Hydraulic Tank: 70 L
Max . Diameter: 30 cm
Min. Diameter: 3 cm