About Alstor


  • With this full bogie machine with constant mechanical drive on all eight wheels and a fully synchronized driveline gives you unimpeded accessibility in difficult terrain.
    Feel how your Alstor easily can climb the steep and rocky woodlands. Then add steel tracks so you can handle the wet ground you have not previously accessed.
    Once you tested an  Alstor,  you will discover the vast opportunities it has to offer.


  • True respect for the environment and sustainability were clear in our focus in the design of this unique machine. The rugged, uncomplicated design makes it highly reliavle with very modest operating costs.
    We want to give you both job satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.
    Our concept is simple: Things must work!


  • To meet varying customer needs, the load carrier offers numerous different applications. Custom development of different load carriers has made Alstor highly popular with users from contractors, rescue services and energy companies to munciples services and forest owners. Thanks to smart accessories such as winch, tipper body, insert buckets and snow plough this machine is the ideal farm machine.


  • This easily accessible machine is easy to get on and off and from the ergonomic driving position, you have full visibility of the machine for a safer, more controlled ride.


  • A forwarder that allows you to easily manage your thinning by unhindered make its way between the tribes. The low ground pressure leaves your land without damage. Thanks to the machine's low curb weight and narrow width, you can easily load it on a car trailer when you need to move to a new area.
    With your Alstor You can cherish your own and other people's forests and create value and joy for generations.